Shoulders & Self-Expressionwith Mary Bond
Shoulders & Self-Expressionwith Mary Bond

Shoulders & Self-Expression
with Mary Bond

Exploring The Influence of The Shoulder Girdle On Our Gestures

July 13-14, 2-4:30PM

How do our shoulders relate to our bodies as a whole? How do they influence the spine, ribcage, pelvis and feet? Join Mary Bond for an exploration of the influence of the shoulder girdle on the actions and gestures of work and play, on our interactions with others, and on breathing, core stability and gait.

~ Understand the shoulder patterns and problems we feel in ourselves and notice in others.

~ Review the biomechanical relationships between the arms, shoulders and spine.

~ Practice sensory exercises to develop shoulder support for opening the heart and freeing the breath.

~ Develop fluency and support for gestures of giving, receiving, welcoming and boundary-setting.

~ Use our practice of yoga to deepen embodied use of our arms and shoulders.

MARY BOND, MA, is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Instructor for The Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. She is the author of Balancing Your Body, The New Rules of Posture, and Your Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence, as well as the producer of Heal Your Posture: A DVD Workshop. Read Mary’s blog at



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Shoulders & Self-Expression with Mary Bond
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